Experience matters.


When you elect an Alderman, you choose more than a neighborhood representative – you decide who will weigh in on the most important issues in St. Louis.

I am uniquely qualified to bring change to City Hall and make smart
that benefit our entire city.

Through my involvement in nearly $900 million of neighborhood investments nationwide, I know how to:

  • use development incentives in a responsible way

  • make decisions that consider the needs
    of an entire region

  • adhere to long-term plans for purposeful, sustainable growth

  • engage with residents to ensure that
    everyone’s voice is heard

  • prioritize expenses so that tax dollars
    are spent wisely and efficiently

  • attract businesses that create jobs and
    make day-to-day life more convenient

Help the Board of Aldermen gain a fresh perspective and make more
informed choices.

Vote tom Oldenburg for 16th Ward Alderman on Tuesday, April 4.