Tom Oldenburg has always put his constituents first over special interests.

Tom Oldenburg is fighting for solutions at City Hall.

“Tom Oldenburg is a common sense Democrat that is getting things done for South City. He understands that making progress can sometimes be slow but the biggest difference we can make for our families is creating an environment where we are safe and we can all grow together.”

Tom Oldenburg has always put his constituents first over special interests. Tom is an independent voice for the City of St. Louis and knows that by working together we can make real positive change.

Tom Oldenburg shaking hands with St. Louis business owner

Vote March 7, 2023 and April 4, 2023 for Democrat, Tom Oldenburg for 2nd Ward Alderman

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Fix Our Broken 911 System.

Tom Oldenburg believes we must invest resources to improve and update our 911 system. When you call 911, you deserve an immediate answer. Alderman Oldenburg will prioritize using federal funds to increase call center staff pay to retain and recruit staff as well as modernize technology.

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Improve our City’s Failing Infrastructure

Tom Oldenburg is committed to improving our city’s failing infrastructure and improving basic services we all rely on. We need to reinvest in the basics, like filling potholes, trimming trees, and improving our parks. As Alderman, Tom worked to secure over $750,000 in private and public investment to improve Francis Park and wants to replicate that success in other neighborhood parks.

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Invest in Public Safety that Works

Alderman Oldenburg knows that a safe city must be our top priority. Tom Oldenburg believes we can improve public safety by having more cops walking the beat and ensuring they are held accountable to the people they are sworn to protect. He also knows we must invest in mental health and substance abuse services so that our police officers can focus on preventing and solving violent crime.

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Pathways out of Poverty and Homelessness

Tom knows that we must address the rising homelessness in our city. Tent encampments are inhumane and an unacceptable solution. Tom Oldenburg will continue to work with organizations like Gateway 180 to find long-term solutions to help get people into permanent housing. He will continue to press the Mayor’s office to effectively disperse the millions of federal dollars the Board of Aldermen has already allocated to help get people off the streets and into safe housing.

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Affordable Housing and Increasing Home Values

For most families, their home is their largest investment. Tom Oldenburg believes we must foster an environment that increases property values so residents feel confident about investing in the City. Tom also knows that in order for the City to grow as a whole we need investment in affordable housing options to attract new working families to our neighborhoods.

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Accountable and High-Quality Police Officers

Tom Oldenburg believes we must get serious about addressing the city’s crime problem. Tom believes we have too few officers for a city of our size and that we must increase pay and benefits to attract high quality officers. Tom wants to continue to invest in public safety so that we have more cops out walking the beat in our neighborhoods.

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Real Traffic Solutions for Safer Streets

Tom Oldenburg is committed to creating safer streets throughout the new 2nd Ward. Improving traffic safety, like the recent traffic improvements on Hampton Avenue, is one of Tom’s top priorities.

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Picking up the Trash and Punishing Illegal Dumpers

Tom Oldenburg knows how frustrating it is to constantly deal with overflowing trash and recycling and illegal dumping, even as your trash fees increase. Tom worked to pass Proposition F in August of 2022, which doubled the fines for illegal dumping. Tom will continue to work to improve our trash and recycling collection and hold illegal dumpers accountable.

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Stand with Tom

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Vote March 7, 2023 and April 4, 2023 for Democrat, Tom Oldenburg for 2nd Ward Alderman